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Clarion Futures Grants & Prizes Application Portal

We are a charitable foundation that gives Clarion residents access to the support, services and tools they need to make their goals and ambitions a reality. We provide opportunities, so that everyone who lives in a Clarion home, irrespective of their background, can create their future. One of the ways we do this is by providing funding through our grants and prize programmes. 

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Clarion Futures Digital Device Scheme - Invite Only

The Clarion Futures Digital Device Scheme is designed to provide access to digital devices on a short term or long term basis as part of the wider Clarion Futures Digital offer.

The Digital Device Scheme is by invite only, so to be eligible to apply, you must be referred by a member of the Clarion Futures Team. If you're taking part in a Clarion Futures Digital programme, or if your organisation is already a Digital Partner and you would like further information about this scheme, please contact the Clarion Futures Digital Team at